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"Drovers, Stockmen, and Bullockies", an album of 18 songs, was released on 7th of November 2023
Henry Lawson (the poet in song) Vol.2 was released on 22nd October 2022, (covering poems from the years 1892 – 1898)


Review of the album “Our Country”

"This is a high quality selection of songs reflecting the complex heart of Australian patriotism, performed with a ruminative, nostalgic quality that encourages the listener to pause and ponder. The measured pace of the expressive storytelling vocals, supported by sustained, thoughtful chords and lilting violin and woodwind, allows the drama and imagery of the words to shine through. As the stories unfold, the melodies and harmonies evolve and develop adding depth and engaging the listener. Altogether a very fine collection indeed; so good to hear the full versions of these powerful Australian poems."
- Chloe and Jason Roweth of Rowethmusic
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